Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in February

Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping in February

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February isn’t just for the colder weather! Here are some Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping To-Dos for late winter.

While it may be in the single digits here in New England, the colder weather shouldn’t keep you from planning your Spring lawn maintenance and landscaping. Here at Green Leaf, we believe that a healthy lawn is a happy lawn, and that mentality shouldn’t stop in the winter. While snow removal and winter safety are obvious “dos” for February, why not plan for Spring?

February Prep

Prep in February? Why yes, there are things you can do now to ensure your lawn looks beautiful! Here’s a list of February “dos” for landscaping and lawn prep:


While we’re all hoping that 2022 may be different, don’t add to the stress with a last-minute seed order. Lawn maintenance prices spike in the Spring, and no one wants to deal with the stressors of another nationwide shortage. Don’t wait for the Spring flowers to pop up in your garden. February is the perfect time to stock up on grass seed and fertilizer (and maybe a new lawnmower). New England winters can be brutal, and after months of the cold, homeowners are anxious for the warmth of Spring.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Yes, you can prune deciduous trees and dormant shrubs like holly or boxwood in February! Late winter is the perfect time to cut out any dead or crisscrossing branches. Without leaves getting in the way of your shears, there’s a better chance you’ll notice decay while cutting out the possibility of dormant disease or insects. Just be sure not to prune any coniferous trees in the Spring, and don’t prune any spring-flowering shrubs until after they’ve bloomed.

Winter Maintenance

While the Spring is still a little way off, it doesn’t hurt to take a winter walk around your property. Ice storms and Nor’easters can wreak havoc on trees, shrubs, and statuary. Cutting back and removing any fallen debris helps protect your lawn from future damage. Always keep statuary and trellises covered to protect from winter damage and erosion. And of course, any storm damage that seems unsafe to fix should always be handled by a professional.

Plan Your Lawn Maintenance Now!

The winter months are a great time to plan all your Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping projects! Be a step ahead of the rest and schedule your lawn care needs before the warm weather comes back to New England. At Green Leaves Landscaping, we are prepared to take on any of your landscaping needs.

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