2022 Landscaping Trends

Natural stone landscaping in home garden with steps and flowerbeds

Edible Gardening

Kitchen gardens and edible landscapes have made a real comeback ove the last few years as people have spent more time at home cooking. What is better than walking out to your back yard to pick a few fresh herbs or a vegetable right off the vine?

It is a great way to not only reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your trips to the market and also teach your family about what sustainability. The best part though may be satisfaction of knowing where your food comes from and knowing you have sourced this from you own home.

Wildlife corners

While a beautifully manicured lawn is a wonderful goal around any house, having a wild corner with some more natural growth and some shocks of wild flowers might make it even more satisfying.The juxtaposition of the manicured lawn next to wild and unruly grasses and wildflowers really gives the sense of being in one with nature.

Buzzwords like rewilding, nature scaping and curated wilding really help underline the concept of bringing nature into the yard but to do it effectively you must do it cleanly. Rewilding does not mean you let nature turn your yard into an overgrown meadow that allows wildlife to run rampant and pests invade your house but rather allows for a restrained utilization of the concept to give a focal point to your yard.

Recycling and upcycling

Today’s socially and environmentally conscious homeowners are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining a beautiful space to live. A recycled material can add a focal point to your landscape or hardscape space. The sky is the limit provided you are careful in the utilization. No one wants their yard to look like a junk yard that has old furniture or materials strewn around.

One effective way to recycle is to use pre-owned outdoor furniture or devising new uses for decorative accessories to add character and interest.  Old windows can become cold frames. Plastic water bottles can become cloches to protect seedlings from wind and cold. Old building materials can be used as screens to block neighbor views or machinery. The list goes on.

Splash of Color

One of the most important components of an effective landscape design is to have a focal point in the yard. Nothing delights the eye like an unexpected burst of color.

Whether you’re picking out tropical plants, bulbs, annuals, or perennials, this is the year to choose bold, vibrant colors in daring jewel tones to add positive energy to your landscape. Explore the seasons and keep in mind when the blossoms reach their peak. Red, orange, magenta, lime, and deep purple are expected to be big this year. You can bring in butterflies, hummingbirds or other eye catching pollinators with a splash of color as well.

Bringing the inside outside

The last two years have forced everyone into their houses and it is time to break back out into the garden and enjoy your property with those you love. Blur the lines between inside and outside by building outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and pergolas that can be curtained off to create a private room. Some outdoor living spaces even include televisions, refrigerators, and outdoor sofas. Tall shrubs can add privacy, while strings of light can add ambiance. Enjoy the cool nighttime breezes or warming sun while embracing the sounds and smells of your yard.