The difference between landscape and land scape is small, but there’s a great difference in the beholders.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The attractiveness and value of your property is greatly enhanced by high quality landscape maintenance. A beautiful and healthy landscape enhances your business image, preserves and increases your property’s value, and helps present a first – class impression.

You know a healthy lawn when you see it; a smooth, lush green carpet, perfect for cartwheels or croquet. So why doesn’t your lawn look like that? To get that perfect lawn you may have to change your mindset, says landscape designer Gary Alan (

“You know how in golf they say ‘Be the ball’? Well, you’ve got to be the grass. You’ve got to think about what it needs” Gary says. The basics, he says, are pretty simple: sun, water and fertilizer.

Once you get those down, everyone’s happy – you and your lawn. Here’s how to get started.

Setting Soil Tips & Tricks

Planting a new lawn is like any good adventure: preparation and planning are key. No matter which planting method you plan to use, you need to prepare the area thoroughly to banish weeds.

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