Fall Landscaping in Northborough MA

It’s the time of year when homeowners are preparing to say goodbye to their lush green lawns. With fall right around the corner, landscaping in Northborough, MA, and surrounding communities are beginning to prepare for the cold weather. Although it’s tempting to let things go, following the helpful tips in this article will ensure an excellent spring season.

Don’t give up on mowing

Cutting your lawn short in the fall is imperative for a few reasons. First, shorter blades of grass will hold onto less snow, lessening the chances of mold and fungus growth. Secondly, come spring when the snow melts away, a shorter blade won’t create patches.

Often, grass that is left too long in the fall will fold over and suffocate the new spring grass. If this happens, you’ll be facing bald or dead spots in your lawn once all of the snow has melted away.

Fall is the best time for aeration

If you’re not familiar with aerating your lawn, it’s easier than most think. With multiple available methods, aeration is the act of making holes in your yard. Not huge holes that are distracting, but multiple small holes that allow air to enter the soil and revive natural nutrients. At minimum, you should be aerating at least once a year, and fall is the perfect time.

And fertilizer

Once aerated, your soil and grass will thank you after a hefty dose of nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Helping to rebalance levels in your soil, fertilizer also establishes roots for the upcoming freeze of winter.

Reseed where needed

Fall is also the perfect time to reseed any spots in your yard that are thinning, may have burnt, or been dug up for one reason or another. Whether it’s a small spot or your whole yard, the cooler, and generally damp, fall air provides the perfect growing environment.

However, you’ll want to reseed early in the seed to ensure enough time for seeds to establish.

Water and rake

Although tempting, your lawn still needs water. You don’t have to water your lawn as much, but an occasional watering will ensure all of your hard work remains healthy. That said, it’s also important to remove dead leaves that will hold onto moisture and create rot. Whether raking or chipping up leaves, you want to be sure there are no piles left before the snow arrives.

With these helpful lawn care tips, your Northborough, MA landscaping will provide an ideal spring season. However, if time is short, we’re here to help! For more information on the landscaping services provides by Green Leaves Landscaping, contact our team today at (508) 393-0005.