Our Client First philosophy, its your home and we value your input. Our team of landscape/hardscape pros are all highly trained and knowledgeable in all areas of landscaping.

We recommend keeping your lawn at a height of 3 inches but could vary based on the type of grass used in your lawn. Grass will develop a grain based on your cutting direction, leaning in the direction you mow. By varying the direction grass will grow straighter removing ruts from your lawn.

We recommend overseeding and aeration during the fall. Overseeding will fill in gaps and thicken your lawn to prevent weed growth and improve your curb appeal. Lawn aeration increases airflow to your grassroots, improving their depth and strength. Aeration works hand in hand with overseeding providing a good foundation for new growth.

Fertilizing your lawn is an imperative task ensuring it has proper nutrients all growing season. Lawn fertilization provides slow release of organic nutrients along with carefully blended amount of nutrients, promoting new leaf, cell wall and root growth. We recommend lawn fertilizer treatments in the early fall.

Your landscape is always the first thing a potential buyer sees when approaching your home. An attractive and well maintained lawn and plantlife adds curb appeal and a welcoming aesthetic. With a well-landscaped property, you can even see up to 10% home value added, so take your landscape project seriously.

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