Patio Installation: Which Material is Right For You?

With the summer underway, many families are headed outdoors. From backyard barbeques with friends and family to quiet afternoons enjoying the sun, your outdoor living space effects the vibe. Consider this, it’s a beautiful day and you grab a book to enjoy some quiet time outdoors. However, as you emerge from the house, you’re greeted by an overgrown landscape that is anything but aesthetically pleasing. One of the best ways to tame the beast is with patio installation.

The addition of a patio not only cleans up an unruly area, but it adds the perfect space for outdoor living. No matter what the overall feel of your home may be, patios are available in a wide range of materials perfectly suited for almost any landscape. In this article, we’re taking a look at a few of the most common patio building materials and the benefits that the material provides.


Possibly one of the most classic materials used for patio installation is brick, and for good reason. For centuries, people have utilized brick for a variety of masonry projects due to its durability and weather-resistant properties. Seamlessly fitting into any aesthetic, brick radiates class with its unique offerings of laying techniques.


Although brick provides homeowners with several desirable features, some look for a more modernized look and feel. If that description applies to you, then consider bluestone for your patio installation. Recognized for the blueish-gray hue, bluestone the neutral tones make bluestone ideal for patios, walkways, and pool areas. With natural slip-resistance and high density levels, this option leaves little room for concern and maintenance.


Made from a wide range of materials, patio pavers are quickly becoming one of the most requested materials. The popularity of pavers could be, in part, due to the fact that they’re so easy to work with. Furthermore, pavers have the ability to be laid in a variety of unique patterns similar to brick.


Depending on the area at hand, poured concrete or concrete pavers are also a fantastic patio option. Beyond being one of the most cost-effective patio installation materials, concrete also provides some of the greatest durability. However, proper installation is a must to avoid cracking during the freeze-thaw cycle of a concrete patio.

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