6 Tips For Spring Lawn Maintenance

6 Tips For Spring Lawn Maintenance

The time has come to pull out the rakes and fertilizer! Sometimes dreaded but extremely important, spring lawn maintenance sets your lawn up for a successful season. However, all too often homeowners don’t know how to go about handling the necessary tasks or even when to begin them. Here, the experts from Green Leaves Landscape provide six tips for success this spring!


Often referred to as raking, dethatching is one of the first steps in spring lawn maintenance. This step loosens packed, matted down grass as well as removes any dead blades. Without this step, new grass is prevented from sprouting and fungus growth is encouraged.

Prune and hedge

Cleaning up your yard means more than raking. Spring lawn care also involves trimming back damaged or dead branches, removing plants that didn’t survive the winter, and cleaning up any other debris around the lawn.


Like the grass, your soil also compacts during the winter. Aeration helps to reverse the damage by allowing air, moisture, and nutrients to penetrate the ground’s surface.


Speaking of nutrients – spring fertilizer is a must! However, you want to be careful not to fertilize too early in the season as it could harm vulnerable grass. Instead, wait until late spring to apply the first application.

Weed control

Another high-priority during the spring is weeding. By attacking them early in the season, you can help prevent an influx of weeds once the hot summer arrives. Talk to your local professionals about options that work best for your home.


Unfortunately, bare spots happen. If you happen to have a few, skip over the weed control and fertilizers for now. Instead, you want to put down some grass seed. Be sure to provide the TLC new grass needs so you won’t be reseeding again in the fall!

When it comes to lawn maintenance, spring is one of the most important times of the year. Without the proper steps, you may be setting your lawn up for failure. If you don’t have the time, or the tasks seem too daunting, it’s time to give Green Leaves Landscape a call.

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