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This retro Gucci crossbody bag has my attention

No one knows exactly how long the mini crossbody trend will last, but put me on the record as hoping that this shape stays around as a wardrobe staple for years to come. Not only are minibags delightfully functional,
christian louboutin simple pump 70, but they’re easily modified to embody nearly any style from hippie to industrial. In this case, the mood of the Gucci 1973 Small Shoulder Bag is clear it’s all about the retro throwback.

This bag comes as no surprise to anyone that saw the looks from Gucci’s Fall 2010 runway show I would have pegged the look as more late 60s than early 70s, but the retro shapes and color palette were omnipresent throughout the bags featured in the show. The altered Gucci logo is the touch that really completes the look.

My only real criticism of the design is that I wish perhaps more had been done with the chain a piece of leather where the bag will sit on the shoulder is always an appreciated nod toward utilitarian comfort,
christian louboutin freddy, but I imagine that this bag was meant to be worn atop a layer or two of cold-weather clothing anyway, making that detail less important. The olive color works beautifully with the gold hardware, and sub-$1000 leather Gucci bags aren’t easy to find as of late. This one might be small, but don’t underestimate its style. Buy through Saks for $760.

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Lulu Guinness Too Rich Too Thin Keeley

Ok so this bag should just make you all laugh. I am going to go out on a limb and venture to say that many and most of you would say you could lose a few extra pounds and could be making a few extra bucks. Right now I am sitting at my desk wondering why I haven’t worked out at all recently and wondering why so many people can walk up and down 5th Ave and shop like they do and I can’t! But Lulu Guinness thinks you can be too thin and too rich. The Lulu Guinness Too Rich Too Thin Keeley is bold with its statement and fun with its color. The black canvas bag closes with a zip fastening and has colorful embroidery that reads You can be too rich and too thin. While I love the cause,
cheap christian louboutin shoes under 100, I can’t help but think that so many of us will disagree (cough cough- me!) Either way it is fun and you can help make the ‘please avoid being Victoria Beckham thin’ statement. Available via Lulu Guinness for £150 (about US $275).

via Luxist

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