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Juicy Couture Terry Dog Carrier

Face it,
blue christian louboutin shoes, a juicy girl is the glam girl. Now I know all of you girls see Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and other hip celebs toting their dogs around in cute little carriers and dressing them up in cute little outfits, and I know some of you desperately want to be so posh and cute with your loveable pets too. So here is your chance.

I’ve found the perfect pet bag made by the totally glamourous Juicy Couture. I must admit I am very partial to Juicy Couture, but hey,
christian louboutin prorata, who isn’t? This cute Juicy terry dog carrier measures 12″H x 15″W x 9″D, which will hold up to 15 lbs. So yes, you do need one of those little fluffy stuck-up poodles or such a breed. Other features include a double wrap-around zip with heart and signature J pull tabs and a side double-zip flap (for the poochies head) with heart and P&G charms, and heart-shaped push-lock closure. How utterly adorable! The bag is gonna cost you around $275, but when you have a cute little puppy who needs to be transported,
christian louboutin pigalle glitter, what better way to carry it then in a super glam hotel-on-wheels!

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